Lee Nicole Salinis

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Always creating 

Clash of Culture
Branding Servises 

Creating Comprehensive business identities from conception to franchised. Build your brand, your mission, your franchise. Stand out to get your brand out.


Magnifying Emotional Intelligence, 
one EQ at a time. Emotions are like puzzle pieces that enable us to see the big picture and avoid conflict, achieve positive interactions, and develop intimacy. We just need the know-how to make sense of them!

They Drive Me Nuts!

7 ways to build positive relationships with your children by getting to know yourself.
Also providing One-on-One life coaches who help get you through.


Fostering independence through self sustaining technologies. If you want businesses and individuals to invest in self sustaining technologies you must show them the value, not just with your mouth, statistics and power points but with your actions. Leading by example, Enviro-Neighbor Properties is earning funds in partnership with Enviro-Neighbor Investments to SHOW the world what self sustaining technologies really mean. 


Nurturing Independence by funding self sustaining technologies. Sustainability is too vague and overused. What we need are self-sustaining technologies that make sense financially both in up front purchase and in long term savings. These technologies must also provide a return on investment or they will never be funded. That's why Enviro-Neighbor Investments only funds what makes dollars and sense.