Lee Nicole Salinis

Destiny Building In Progress...

Emotional Intelligence Magazine 

Exemplifying Emotional Intelligence, one EQ at a time. 
Collaborating Authorities on 
Emotional Intelligence from all fields to Exemplify Emotional Intelligence, 
one EQ at a time. 
*EQ= Emotional Intelligence Quota,
Much like an IQ  but immensely more important

It Starts at home

As a Preschool teach Lee noticed the importance of Emotional Intelligence, as well as the lack of education available for most parents on the subject.  

The Why

This Inspired Lee to write her book:
They Drive Me Nuts!
7 Ways to build positive relationships with your children by getting to know yourself. 

An Idea is Born

Realizing the need for Emotional Intelligence extended well beyond the home and classroom Lee created a Collaboration of  Authorities on Emotional Intelligence from all fields to Exemplifying Emotional Intelligence, one EQ at a time.  

Emotions rule 

Emo Intel Mag for short, 
fosters the understanding of emotions,
 in one self, and in others. 
It teaches how to manage emotions internally as well as externally for 
Life, Business, and Education